Championships 2018/19

Club Championship Dates  Men’s and Ladies Sections

  • Club Championship    Rounds 1&2  Sun 28th Oct   Semi Final Sun 4th Nov   Final  Sun 11th Nov

  • Presidents Handicap  Round 1 Sun Oct 7th  Round 2 Sun Oct 14th  Semi Final  Thurs 25th Oct   Final Thurs 1st Nov

  • Pairs    Rounds  1&2  Sun Dec 2nd   Semi Final & Final  Sun 30th Dec                  

  • Mixed Pairs  Rounds 1&2 Sun 20th Jan   Semi Final Sun 17th Feb  Final  Sun 24th Feb   

  • B-C Singles  Round 1  Thurs 15th Nov  Round 2 Thurs 29th Nov  Semi Final & Final  Thurs 6th Dec 

  • American     Round 1 Thurs 24th Jan   Round 2 Thurs 14th Feb   Semi Final  Thurs 21st Feb  Final Thurs 28th Feb

  • Veterans    Round 1 Thurs Oct 11th  Round 2 Thurs 18th Oct   Final  Sun 11th Nov

  • Closing Dates for all events Friday 21 st September 2018    Entries fees $8 each per player  per event    Forms to Bill Laing (Men’s)       Dianne Cuthbert (Ladies)
  • NB Mixed Pairs/Club Pairs Rounds 1,2 & Semi Final Format will be 3Bowls 15 ends

  • NB Mixed Pairs /Club Pairs Final  Format will be 3 bowls 18 ends

  • First named person in the Draw to arrange the Marker
  • After 1st Round loser of previous game should be the marker Events are to be played on Dates listed if possible or within a week of the original date
  • If dates need to be rearranged to advise new time please contact Dianne (ladies) 0417360134  Bill (men’s) 0417116044
  • Please write the new  date and time on the blackboard to advise the Greens Committee of new time